Lulu Cousteau

ship’s cat

One of the most legendary partnerships between humans and cats has taken place on ships. It seems unlikely that cats would subject themselves to a lifestyle so precariously close to the water. However, the promise of adventure and a good meal has lured brave cats throughout history to be elevated to the role and title of “Ship’s Cat”.


In more recent history, cats were considered to be fearless adventurers and purrrveyors of good luck. In fact, science confirms that cats can sense a drop in barometric pressure giving them the ability to detect impending storms. These cat heroes were welcomed on ships traveling on missions of exploration, trading and even battles. Ship’s cats were originally employed for pest-control as well as good-luck charms. Because of this superstition, great lengths were taken to assure the feline’s health and happiness.

Perhaps the Ship’s Cat’s most important role has been providing companionship to sailors, giving affection, purrs and snuggles, reminding them of the comforts of home.

Meet Lulu – Ship’s Cat aboard QUEST

Lulu was born on the north shore of the beautiful island of St. Croix. During her first few weeks of life, this kitten soldiered through the woods in search of parents who could care for her, eventually making her way into the warm dryer vent at the home of Captain Chris and mate Nikki. In 2016 she became the honorary ship’s cat aboard QUEST where she has mastered her role as it’s laziest, cat-napping crew member.

Lulu has a very sweet disposition, though she’s often shy at first. While she keeps to herself, in the crew cabin or perched on the dashboard above the salon, anyone with a severe cat allergy should certainly note her presence.  Even with much of your time spent outdoors, severe cat allergy sufferers should take note and seek a vessel WITHOUT a ship’s cat.

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