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"We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us"

"Not all those who wander are lost"

"Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere and sometimes in the middle of nowhere - you find yourself"

Travel in the Islands

Life in the Caribbean moves along at a pace all it’s own – that’s part of its charm. Service will likely move a bit more slowly than you’re used to, which may seem inconvenient at first. Try your best to give into this change of pace. Once you begin to unwind and adjust to island time, you’ll be so glad you did. The islands are spectacularly beautiful… so slow down and soak it in.

Be sure you know the marina location where you will be boarding QUEST. Local taxi’s will be familiar with the different marina locations and they’ll get you there safely. Be sure that you know where you’re going and what you’re paying to avoid any conflicts later. If you experience a delay, please email, call or text your captain or crew to let them know. 

Getting Acquainted
Upon your arrival, you’ll be greeted by Captain Chris and his First Mate/ Chef Nikki. They will show you around the yacht, you’ll select your quarters and begin to settle in. The crew will then take some time to go over the do’s and don’t about living aboard. Remember, life at sea is a bit different than that on land. Fresh water, for example, is a precious commodity that we’ll ask you to use with more awareness than you might at home. Toilets function different than what you may be used to and your crew will be sure to get you up to speed on that. This will be a good time for questions (and cocktails?) and just getting situated. Once you are aboard – your journey has begun, so kick back and take it all in.


Provisions & Extras

FOOD:  We want you to LOVE your dining experiences on QUEST! Because everyone has different opinions about cuisine, we ask that you get together with your group and complete the Food Preferences Worksheet at least 30 days before your charter. This way we can prepare a menu that your group will enjoy. Keep in mind that provisioning for your charter takes time and planning so the more we know and the earlier you can impart this wisdom, the better off we’ll be.  Please click the link below to download your preference sheet. It’s an easily executable word doc that you can fill in and email back to us at CatamaranQuest@gmail.com.

BAR:  Your inclusive charter provides a full standard bar. We enjoy our cocktails too so you’ll rarely find any low-end spirits, but they won’t necessarily be top shelf either. Think Absolute, Sky or Stoli Vodka but perhaps not Grey Goose or Belvedere. Wine will be carefully selected for you at a mid-range price point and we’d love you to specify your favorites on the Food Preferences Worksheet. All of that being said, we’re here to please and can stock whatever you desire, from premium spirits to vintage champagne, as long as we have access to it. Premium bar stocking will be an additional expense to the charter guests. Note that our inclusive bar is extensive, but not unlimited. Heavy drinkers – you know who you are (no judgement!) – will want to let us know just how much to prepare for and the extra expense will be passed along at cost.

Tipping Your Hosts: I know, I know, they get to spend their days in the Caribbean!  It may seem like the coolest job on the planet, but the fact remains that this is their JOB. Like many service industry workers, these guys depend on tips as a major part of their income. They work 16+ hour days, sometimes without breaks between charters for months on end to show our guests the time of their lives. If you’re pleased with the service they’ve provided you, putting your gratuity in an envelope with a note of thanks is an excellent way to let them know. Industry standards are a tip of 15-20% of total charter fee.

Charter Checklist

PLEASE be sure that each member of your charter party has a checklist to work with. Here’s a checklist to help ensure the best experience possible:

  • Your passport is VALID and PACKED
  • Crew email and phone number (if you have an international plan) ready to go in your phone –  (call/text for pick-up or time changes)
  • Food & beverage preference sheet filled and returned 30-45 days ahead of time
  • Sun protection and soothing aloe after sun if you’d like
  • Sunglasses and protective clothing and/or hat
  • Soft luggage or duffle bags to save room
  • Camera – or plenty of memory on your phone if that’s your camera
  • Comfortable, water resilient footwear (dinghy is the main transportation) Flip flops are great
  • Regular medications and Bonine if there’s any chance you might experience motion sickness (we have some aboard as well)
  • Credit cards or cash for shopping, drinks/meals ashore, excursions and gratuity
Packing & Luggage

Duffle bags and soft-sided luggage are the BEST on QUEST because you can roll ’em up and stow them away.

Over-packers (you know who you are) if ever there was a time to overcome your ‘condition’, this would be that time. Boats have limited space – period. Wouldn’t you rather use that space moving about your cabin comfortably rather than squeezing around a bunch of stuff you’re not even going to use or wear? Most of your time will be spent in swimwear and casual comfort. You’ll need SO LITTLE to enjoy your time here.

Clothing:  You’ll spend a LOT of time in your swimwear – think cover-ups, wraps, t-shirts and shorts the rest of the time. A long sleeve pullover or sweater can come in handy on cooler nights. Dining is usually casual even in the fancier places. Ladies may like a sundress, maybe light beach pants for the guys. Shoes are not allowed on the boat. One pair of flip flops or sandals is all you’ll ever need  ashore.

Toiletries:  Empty out that arsenal of cosmetics and toss in some great sunscreen (face and body), deodorant, moisturizer, lip gloss and a water proof mascara. Take a travel size tube of your favorite toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner and leave the rest at home. Let yourself experience the freedom of unencumbered travel. Let your hair curl and your skin breathe. You’ve earned this freedom… embrace it!

We provide super gentle and pure Castile soap for sea-safe bathing, which can be used as shampoo and facial wash as well. There’s also always extra shampoo and conditioner on deck near the fresh water deck showers.  We will provide small hair dryers that are compatible with the voltage on board. We’ll need to run the generator to use the hairdryer so please do not bring your own. (OR, just repeat after me “Beach hair, don’t care”)

Sun care:  BRING SUNBLOCK- even if you don’t usually burn. The tropical sun combined with the reflective sea can scorch even the darkest complexions. We ask that you bring REEF SAFE sunscreen – also called physical sunscreen (with zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide) which offers superior protection. Please be advised! Sunscreens that stain can wreak havoc on the boat and your clothes. Please try to bring protective lotions that don’t stain your clothing, the bedding, cockpit cushions and decks. Oils and anything with avobenzone will stain and should be avoided. Avobenzone is also NOT reef safe and has not place on a yacht at sea.  After sun lotion with Aloe Vera is a good idea to have available. A long sleeve swim skin or rash guard is a great way to spend extra care-free hours in the sun and sea. A wide brimmed hat/visor and sunglasses are also advisable.

Medications: Pharmacy access in the islands is limited. Please bring along anything that you know you require during your travel week. If there is a chance you may get seasick, a patch from your doctor will do the trick, or we recommend Bonine the night before you board as well as day of.  If you have an allergy that could require an epipen, please pack one just to be safe.

DO NOT bring illicit drugs, your captain will terminate the charter without refund if brought aboard.

Beach & Sea equipment: Each ensuite stateroom will be well stocked with terry bath towels. For the beach, we love turkish beach towels for their lightweight, fast drying properties and we’ll have them ready for you onboard as well – so no need to bring towels at all. We have plenty of snorkel gear on board but you’re welcome to bring your own (we respect a great fitting mask and fins as much as any serious sea lover!).  If you plan to scuba dive with us, please bring your own gear or rent gear on your departure island.

Wi-Fi & Entertainment

There is no wifi access at sea. If you require internet during your holiday, you will need to a good data package on your phone and to hotspot if you use a laptop.

US Virgin Islands: US service providers usually cover this area – no roaming necessary. 

British Virgin Islands, Grenada & STV and the Grenadines: If you absolutely need access to a phone line and/or data, you will indeed require an international package while you are aboard. Please contact your provider ahead of time to make arrangements so that you aren’t surprised later with roaming fees. 

LOCAL TIP: We love WhatsApp in the Caribbean because our local providers often include it with data/voice packages for free. That means if you have WhatsApp downloaded on your phone, you can use it here for most local calls without having to make an international call. You can also call anyone of your contacts who also use WhatsApp and keep in touch while you’re away. It works off your data. You can call, text and even share photos.

Cash & Credit Cards

While the charter fee payments are made prior to your departure, please note that cash and credit cards are accepted aboard for incidentals such as:

  • Unpaid Scuba Dive Fees, Gear rental
  • Masseuse fees if one is requested
  • Crew Gratuity
  • T-shirts
  • Alcohol surcharges
  • Additional Dockage upon charter’s request

CURRENCY: The USD is used in both the US and British Virgin Islands.

The currency in Grenada and the Grenadines is the Eastern Caribbean dollar, called the EC dollar or xcd. That’s roughly 2.67 EC dollars to 1 US Dollar, and 3 xcd to the euro.  US dollars are accepted in most places, though your change will be in EC and calculated at the local rate of 2.6.

CASH: ATM’s can be tricky to find on some islands and your sailing schedule may limit access. If you know that you’ll be needing cash from an ATM, please let Captain Chris know with plenty of notice (24-48 hrs) so he can work it into the cruising plan.

*Personal checks are only accepted in an emergency and not likely accepted on shore.

*Cash gratuity tip is always 


Your Crew & You
Working Relationships

Both Captain Chris and Chef/Mate Nikki are passionate about living in the islands, and enjoying life to the fullest – this will likely come across the moment you meet them. You’ll find them both eager to show you the tropical world they love and also very knowledgable about the best ways to enjoy it. No doubt you will come to think of your crew as friends – and this can make tipping awkward. Tips provide a major part of their income and are probably the best way to show your gratitude for their ongoing efforts to make your days aboard QUEST add up to one magnificent adventure. After all, they are your ships’ captain, first mate, your chef, your server, steward, maid, dishwasher, concierge, Dive Master, navigator, janitor, tour guide, and problem solver – among the many other hats they wear. If you appreciate the many ways they make your trip amazing, putting your gratuity in an envelope with a note of thanks is an excellent way to let them know. Industry standards are a tip of 15-20% of total charter fee.

Tell us what you love to eat!

We want to show you the time of your life and it’s important to us that you enjoy each and every dining experience together aboard Quest.  Whether you are “Live To Eat” or “Eat To Live” kind of people, we’ll cater your meals to your tastes.  Please fill out your Food Preference Sheet at least 30 days before your Charter.
Check out a sample menu

Sample Menu:



*Fresh eggs baked into buttery avocados topped with goat cheese & crumbled bacon

*Savory veggie & cheese baked quiche muffins

*Croque Monsieur (classic French butter-grilled ham, egg and gruyere cheese)

*Oatmeal cookie pancakes or cream cheese and berries stuffed french toast served with crispy bacon

*Fluffy potato, red pepper and caramelized onion frittata


*Asian salad with baked chicken, red pepper, asparagus and sesame dressing

*Light Italian style pinwheel sandwiches or hearty baked cheesy meat Stromboli.

*Lamb Kofta meatball kabobs with tzatziki, caramelized onions and warm grilled pita

*Kung Pao chicken with red pepper, peanuts and zucchini noodles

*Build your own tacos or lettuce wraps with ginger pork or cashew chicken, veggies, fresh salsa, black beans, crunchy slaw and creamy cilantro lime sauce


Fresh veggie sticks & scoops served with homemade hummus, salsas, guacamole, or babaganoush, chips, dips, cheese plates, bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers, deviled eggs, Santa Fe zucchini boats, shrimp avocado stuffed plantain cups


*Wild Salmon or fresh Mahi Mahi poached over coconut milk & lemon grass risotto and local green beans.

*Juicy Caribbean citrus chicken breast in pan sauce with crunchy kale lemon salad and chilled carrot-ginger soup

* Tender Asian marinated flank steak over spicy garlic Chinese noodles with smashed cucumbers in spicy-sesame dressing.

*Classic spaghetti Carbonara with grilled garlic bread and Caesar salad

*Pan roasted Chicken Provençal with garlic, lemons, shallots, and herbes provence, served with crusty grilled bread.

*Twice cooked pork tenderloin with creamy dijon sauce, mushrooms and shallots

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